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Word of the Year

This is my first “word of the year” year. I like the idea because it’s setting an intention about how this year will be. Rather than a resolution that will be broken by February, it’s a way to stay focussed for the full year.

My word is Nourishment.

The word leads me to ask questions about everything in my life.

Does this goal nourish me?
Does this work nourish me?
Does this relationship nourish me?
Does this activity nourish me?
Does this thing nourish me?
Does this food nourish me?
Does this thought nourish me?
Does this emotion nourish me?

Essentially, does this thing that I am spending my time and energy on nourish me?

If the thing doesn’t nourish me, then the next question is – is there a good reason for it to be in my life?

I’m not expecting everything to be nourishing, but if it’s not, there better be a good reason for doing it.

It feels like an intentional path that I’m walking on. It doesn’t matter where the path is going or where I’ll end up because if I’ve been nourished along the way, it’s been a good journey.

What’s your word of the year?


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