Why is it so hard to see and value our gifts? - SAM DUNNAGE

Why is it so hard to see and value our gifts?

  • Why is it so hard to see and value our gifts?

Why is it so hard to see and value our gifts?

I was told recently in a soul purpose reading by the incredible Helen Evans that I have the gift of clairvoyance and that I need to be using it in my work.

I thought clairvoyance was just about communicating with people who have passed over and that really didn’t interest me.

But then I was guided to a training with the beautiful Janet Treloar who teaches the art of channeling.  This is about tuning into higher vibrational energies and beings to learn, be inspired and receive healing.

Janet channels a higher being called Zac.  He is a very charismatic and wise soul who is here to assist our soul evolution.  He and Janet trained us and gave some powerful healings to assist our ability to connect.   He was also highly amused by our human traits.

It was an honour to connect with different beings and to feel their energy in my body.  Some had powerful masculine energy, others were soft and feminine.   Some of them had a lot to say, others just came to observe.  All of them are guiding and supporting us, isn’t that amazing?  I think I actually met 7th dimensional Samantha too!

I’ve been receiving energy downloads for months but didn’t think about where they could be coming from, now I know Zac and his comrades were tuning me in so that I could work with them.

I’ve always been sensitive to energy which I found to be a burden for most of my life.

As an empath I could feel other people’s emotions and mistook them as my own.  I could be happy one minute and totally depressed the next.  Being around people was overwhelming and draining.  I couldn’t cope with the amount of hurt I was open to, so I blocked it out with food and alcohol.

I only realised the impact of other people’s energy when I started working with clients and I realised I could feel their emotions as they released them.  (It’s common for empaths to develop autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue because they are so overloaded with other people’s energy.)

I thought that being an empath was a huge pain in the arse.

But once I understood what was going on I was able to change things up.  I learnt how to manage my energy levels and only tune into other people’s energy if I chose to.  If I do get triggered, I know how to quickly process the emotion so it doesn’t affect me for long (and it actually helps me process my own suppressed emotion…bonus!)

Now, rather than worrying about “picking up” negative emotion, I focus on tuning into higher vibrational emotions.  It’s amazing to feel love and joy flooding my body.

I am so grateful for my gift now.  I can connect deeply with other humans and understand them because I have the ability to feel their pain.  I can tune into higher intelligence and bring back gifts to serve others.  I also have my own internal navigation system which tells me whether I’m on the right path or not.

Often, our greatest burden is the source of our greatest gift.  So of course it can be hard to spot, let alone believe it’s actually a benefit to the world. 

If you’d like to dig for your gold, these questions will help you…   

  • Have you lived through something painful that’s inspired you to help others?
  • Are you seeing yourself as broken in some way? This could be a clue to your gold.
  • What do you do that’s so natural it’s just like breathing?
  • What do you get frustrated about in other people because you find it so easy/obvious?

Let me know if this has bought up anything useful for you.  I’d love to hear about it.

Also, I can fully recommend these two ladies, they are in their genius 100%:

Helen EvansFounder of Hands On Business.

Helen can read your soul purpose in your hands and give you her intuitive guidance to help you on your path.

Find Helen online here. 

Janet TreloarFounder of Planet Therapies.

Janet holds regular workshops on channeling, past lives, entity release and more.

Find Janet online here. 


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