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My awesome clients

I’ve worked with a number of different business owners who come from different industries and backgrounds. What they share is a passion for their business, a drive to make it successful but a need to move past their fear of being seen.


“Working with Sam has been a really positive experience. She is genuine in her enthusiasm and passion to encourage, support and push me to achieve what I want to achieve in business and life. She is genuinely passionate about helping you succeed. Because she has had the experience herself with anxiety, burn out, low self esteem, lack of confidence etc in the past, it adds authenticity to her approach in helping you overcome any mindset issues you face. I feel inspired and have more enthusiasm to really stretch myself and achieve the goals I know I am capable of.”

Carina Gerrelli, Owner, Bibble Studio


“Before I started to work with Sam, I was always too busy, too stressed and too anxious to really enjoy my career or spare time. I’d been successful achieving many of my professional goals, yet I had a huge sense of frustration. I’d become addicted to the feeling of stress and pressure, but was unable to see it.

For me, Sam helped me to recognise what was within my control and what wasn’t, understand the triggers that cause me to be stressed or unhappy and to value the wins in my life far more. I’m now much calmer, happier and the physical symptoms of all the stress have significantly reduced. I was sceptical at first, thinking that there was no way anyone could have an impact on the levels of stress I was feeling. However, Sam was amazing to work with. She stays calm all the time, knows when to push for more details and when not to, and her always-on approach has meant that I’ve felt like I’ve had constant support. I can’t imagine anyone providing a more personalised or effective coaching method.”

Hannah Thorpe, Managing Director at

“Coaching with Sam was an incredible experience! To the outside world, I’m more confident and happy but that just doesn’t do Sam’s coaching justice. It has completely transformed my outlook on life, has helped my business grow, allowed me to make progress towards ambitious business & life goals and to create good habits which are having a positive impact not only on my business but on my health and family too!”

Kimberley Taylor, Owner, Pink Giraffe Marketing

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