You've found your passion, why can't you make a success of it? - SAM DUNNAGE

You’ve found your passion, why can’t you make a success of it?


You’ve found your passion, why can’t you make a success of it?

I spent years looking for my passion.  The one thing that would light me up.

I knew I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how.  I studied chemistry and moved through science into sales and product development.

Then my passion found me.

For 10 years I enjoyed my work but something was missing.  I enlisted the help of a few coaches over that time to help me find my passion and voila… I decided I wanted to be a coach!

Since then, I’ve trained in a broad spectrum of modalities and worked with over 100 clients.  I love helping people make rapid and permanent change.

Most of all, I love working with soulful entrepreneurs like you because you care deeply about making the world a better place and I want to help you get there.

But why would you need me?  Shouldn’t you be able to figure it out on your own? 

Here’s the challenge I think you might be facing.

You’ve found your passion.  It could be working with 121 clients or groups, or a combination of both.  You are brilliant at what you do and clients love you.  But the business hasn’t taken off.

Up until now you’ve probably done what most people do, bought some sales and marketing courses, done some networking and had a handful of low-paying clients.  Has it been much tougher than you expected?  A lot of people give up… you are still in the game so congrats for sticking with it!

It’s not your fault that it’s been such an uphill struggle.

The majority of training out there is based on strategy and tactics.  Those things can be really useful but there is a vital piece of the jigsaw missing.  What’s going on inside you?

Your business is a direct reflection of your inner world…what’s going on in there?

  • Do you often feel stuck and get frustrated with your lack of progress?
  • Are you constantly criticising yourself?
  • Do you keep chopping and changing your marketing?
  • Do you worry about being too expensive so keep your prices low?
  • Do you only work when you feel like it and do you feel drained a lot of the time?
  • Do you think you’ve got nothing important to share or fear judgement if you step into the limelight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it will be impacting your business for sure.

These are surface problems, so if you “fix” them with productivity, marketing or sales training I promise another problem will arise to stop you moving forward with your business.

I can help you overcome any and all of these problems. There is a deeper root cause that you may or may not be aware of.

Not only will your business flourish but you will free the fire in your soul and be the person you were meant to be!

If it feels like the right time, get in touch.  There are lots of ways I can help you depending on your needs and your budget.



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