Are you repelling the things you think you want? - SAM DUNNAGE

Are you repelling the things you think you want?

  • Are you repelling the things you think you want?

Are you repelling the things you think you want?

I was working with a client recently who was keen to attract more clients into her healing business, but she didn’t seem to meet the right people. They were either not interested or seemed too high maintenance and tiring for her.

I tuned into her energy while she was talking about it and I felt a physical wall around her pushing me away… she was 4 ft away from me.

We talked and she started crying, she felt rejected by those people she really wanted to work with, and she was rejecting everyone else.

As she released her tears, I felt the wall start to drop.

I took a step closer to her.

Another wall. This time it was a fear that she would not be good enough for those soul-contracted clients. She breathed through this realisation.

The wall dropped, and I took another step closer.

Next, a wall of sadness. I stood while she released the emotion of her childhood where she wasn’t accepted for who she truly was.

Her energy surged and I suddenly felt her power and authority.

She was no longer protecting herself from pain, she was radiating out a message of mutual respect and love.

Her energy was now drawing me in, magnetising me to her.

She started to feel joy… but it didn’t last.

The realisation came that she couldn’t allow herself to be that happy. What if her happiness caused someone to feel pain?

Guilt and shame rose from her core.

This repressed emotion leaving her body sent us both cold as she accessed deep levels of pain she had inherited from generations past.

I held the space while she growled through gritted teeth, punched, kicked and shook her body.

Beautiful release.

After a few minutes of complete surrender, she became still. A peaceful smile came across her face.

She invited me in to her energy. She radiated loving warmth and confidence.

Her eyes brighter, her energy lighter. She stood in her power. Knowing the truth that she is a powerful soul on a mission to help others heal their lives.

Now she has freed the fire in her soul.

Now she is ready.


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